From flooded basements to wet yards, if it involves drainage or excavation, we probably do it.

Check out our reviews on Google and you’ll see why our customers are not only satisfied, but repeat customers! We’ll assess the job, let you know what to expect in terms of cost and after doing an exemplary job, leave your property looking great as well.

French Drain & Excavating Services

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French Drains

It’s right in our name, and our #1 specialty! Avoid mold, flooding and wet yards by hiring our crew to take care of any and all of your drainage needs.


From small to larger projects, business and residential, we can handle tight spaces and leave your property looking immaculate when the job is finished.

Channel / Trench Drains

Prevent flooding and surface water with a beautiful, professionally installed trench drain. Direct water away from your basement, garage, driveway, patio or garden.


Make sure the water from your gutters doesn’t pool up next to your house. We’ll install downspouts and extensions as necessary to prevent flooding, damage to your home’s foundation and tell the water where it can go!

Storm Water Management

Let us create a system to allow you to manage your storm water management responsibilities.

Swampy Yards

Aside from wet shoes and getting your lawnmower stuck, a swampy yard can be a breeding ground for mosquitos and even cause damage or mold. We can help.

Wet Basements

Basements are, by nature, the most likely area in your home to experience flooding, and here in Pittsburgh the problem can be greatly exacerbated by amount of precipitation we get. Prevent mold and associated air pollution and damage to your home by hiring us to get the proper drainage installed around your home.

Camera Service

We’re the experts to call when you need a sewer line camera inspection service.


New construction and landscaping preparation for the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

We can also do small concrete jobs like driveway and sidewalk repair, help with failed dye tests and demolition projects like tearing down structures on your property or filling defunct pools back in.

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