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I would highly recommend this company. They were extremely prompt and there bid was very fair. They completed the work ahead of schedule and even did more than we had discussed before placing my new French drains to help my swampy yard. Cory still honored his original estimate and provided a very personalized experience. I’m very impressed with the quality of the work. The yard is drying up quickly. Thank you Cory for saving my yard!

– Erik Happ

Cory and Ty did an excellent job of installing the drain system in a shared side yard to take the water from my roof gutter downspouts and backyard into a dry well in the front yard to get it away from the house foundation. He also installed a drain for my next-door neighbor at the same time to take the water from his roof gutter downspouts into a separate dry well in his front yard. They were friendly and responsive to my questions about how all of this would function. I will ask him back to repair my driveway drain in the Spring. I am happy to serve as a reference for their work.

– Steve Salvador

Pittsburgh Frech Drains and Excavating is a very professional business which I am happy to recommend for drain work! They installed a trench drain in our drive way and tied the down spouts from the gutters into the pipe. The work was executed quickly but without haste. Their offer was very competitive compared to several other local businesses.

– Georg Reichstein

Cory and his team installed a new sump pump with battery back up as well as repaired a damaged window well and installed a drain near it.

The battery back up started beeping the next day and Cory came back over after his full day to investigate and saw the battery was cracked which was causing the alarm to get off. He went back to Lowe’s to exchange the battery and installed it again. That’s quality workmanship and caring about a customer.

– Mike Pohland

Cory and his staff are very well versed in the field, very professional, time conscious and stayed in communication throughout the entire process. I HIGHLY recommend them with more than 5 stars. Our once swampy yard is now dry and reseeded. The French drain installed is doing its job.

– Crystal Andrews

We used Pittsburgh Sewer Pros for a broken sewer line. Their quick response and diagnosis of the problem saved us from having to vacate our tenants from the property. All authorities were contacted, all permissions were obtained quickly and the problem fixed. Cory sent us clear and extensive photos showing the source or the issue. A wall had to be torn down, which he replaced better than when first built. Thank you, Cory, and Pittsburgh Sewer Pros & Excavating!

– MaryEl Schmitt

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Wet Basements & Drainage Problems in Pittsburgh, PA?

There is one thing that is certain living in Pittsburgh. It is going to rain! All that rain and moisture can cause damage and wear and tear on your home, especially if it is not effectively diverted away from it. Damages that rainwater can cause to a home include rot, erosion, mold, and mildew issues. The best way to prevent these types of problems is to make sure that water is properly diverted away from your home.

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Pittsburgh French Drains & Excavating finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations. Just read our reviews!

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